Stuff You Didn’t Know About Latex Paint

“Latex” is a Latin word.

This word originated in the mid-17th century, and it referred to various bodily fluids, specifically the watery part of the blood. In Latin, it literally means “liquid, fluid.” However, “latex” was then associated with the use of rubber as the solid or resin in paint.

Latex works well on flat oil-based paints.

Latex paint works best on surfaces that have been painted with latex or flat oil-based paints before. It can also be used on unpainted masonry or unprimed drywall. Latex, however, doesn’t stick well to high-floss finishes. Even if it can be used on wallpapers, the water in the paint may still cause the paper to peel away from the wall. The water in latex causes bare steel to rust and will raise the grain on raw wood.

It’s great for painting ceilings and walls.


Generally, latex paint is ideal for most painting projects like walls and ceilings. This paint is comfortable to work with and dries quickly. However, it isn’t as durable as an oil-based paint.

It can be used to paint upholstered furniture.

Latex can be used to paint furniture too! If you got stains on your fabric upholstery, just cover the spot with a latex paint using the fabric medium process. The results will surprise you.

It can be used to paint radiators.

Wagner 0518080Latex paint can also be used to give an old radiator a new look. All you need to do is clean the surfaces, and use a latex paint which is formulated for high heat. Get your spray gun from to make sure you can coat the radiator well.

You can seal it with a water-based polycrylic protective finish.

After painting with a latex paint, finish the surface using a polycrylic protective finish. This is water-based, which means it won’t turn yellow over time. It’s best for projects that have light paints. Remember not to overbrush since this will cause you trouble where there shouldn’t be any. Don’t worry about the air bubbles much, they settle slowly as the finish dries.

Latex is recyclable.

latex-paintThe best thing about latex paint is that it’s recyclable, which means it’s a better, eco-friendlier choice than oil-based paints. The latter are deemed hazardous waste, and they should be disposed of correctly by a qualified waste management organization. Since latex paint can be reused, choosing it over an oil-based paint will make you a better citizen of earth.