Reasons Why You Need an Air Hockey Table at Home

We all know that air hockey tables are ideal to be placed in arcades, bars, and clubs. Most of us, however, make our own lucks by taking one step further—owning an air hockey table at home! And I’m telling you, it’s good to be curious as to why it’s an excellent idea to own one.

Below are the three benefits of having an air hockey table.

You can play anytime


Who says you have to get out of the house to have fun? If you can’t go outside due to the weather, then just stay at home and play air hockey! Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should remain bored at home. An air hockey table allows the whole family to play anytime at their convenience at the comfort of their abode. Besides, research shows that more than 40% of families who own one are more joyful compared to those who don’t. Air hockey at home? Why not?

Your mental health will improve

air-hockey-tableOne of the advantages of playing the game is that you get to train your brain to familiarize strategies, make up new ones, and put them into action. Air hockey needs alert players, which means you have to stay focused and clever. Let’s just say it exercises the mind.

You can have fun while exercising

Aside from the mental exercise it provides, an air hockey table also opens the door to healthy living as you can be merry and fit at the same time. Because let’s be honest—most of us don’t like hearing the word “exercise.”


As you know, the game can enhance players’ reaction time and reflexes, enabling them to improve their muscles. You have to move around fast after all. It’ll also require lots of practice, which means you’ll be exercising without you actually knowing that you are. Isn’t that awesome? Air hockey is indeed a mind-diverting game. It even enhances the coordination between your eyes and hands without being too physically demanding as other activities like running and weightlifting. If you need to have a cardio exercise, play air hockey! You don’t only get a healthier bod; you also get lots of fun!