4 Unusual and Wonderful Things for the Curious in Japan

If there is one place you can trust to be brimming with diverse and unusual things to explore, Japan would be it. And if you are the curious type, here are some of the weirdly wonderful places and things you will want to see and experience in Japan.

1. Capsule Hotels
As the name suggests, a kapuseru hoteru or capsule hotel is a type of accommodation that features small or pod-like rooms. Its minimalistic tiny design only has the basic essentials making it more affordable than regular hotel rooms.

2. Cat Islands
Japan is known for its fascination and love for cats — think Hello Kitty and Doraemon to name a few. So it should not come as a surprise that the country is home to several cat islands where the felines rule. Some of these islands even have more cat inhabitants than humans. Some of the most popular ones are the islands of Aijima (Fukuoka), Aishima (Fukuoka), Aoshima (Ehime), Enoshima (Kanagawa), Genkaishima (Fukuoka), Iwaishima (Yamaguchi), Kadarashima (Saga), Manabeshima (Okayama), Muzukijima (Ehime), Okishima (Shiga), and Sanagishima (Kagawa).

3. Futuristic Cafés
Japan has an abundance of quirky themed cafes and restaurants. For a futuristic theme, visit two of its most famous — the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku and the Gundam Café in Akihabara and other locations.

4. Japanese Kit Kat
A visit to the convenience store or the supermarket can spark your curiosity on what seems like so many Kit Kat flavors in the candies section. Some of the flavors you can find are Blueberry Cheesecake, Cinnamon Cookie, Citrus Golden Blend, Edamame Soybean, Green Tea, Hojicha Roasted Tea, Hot Japanese Chili, Japanese Sake, Pear, Purple Sweet Potato, Red Bean Sandwich, Shinshu Apple, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Wasabi.